News and Media Services

Aerial Patrol has been providing Electronic News Gatherinig, or ENG services to Arkansas News Companies since the early 80’s. We currently operate “Chopper 7” for KATV-7. Although KATV has exclusive rights to the helicopter for ENG use, it and its powerful Eagle Vision II camera is available to video your TV ad, to make a professional corporate presentation, or just to make a video of your home or business. It features a stabilized gimbal controlled from a console inside the helicopter for year-round use. The three-chip broadcast-quality camera can panned, tilted, focused, and zoomed from the console. Monitors in both the front and back seat of the helicopter provide both the camera operator and producer with excellent full-sized color views of exactly what is going on the tape.

Aircraft Offered:

Our Bell 206 B III, outfitted with a stabilized camera mount and removable doors, is the bird for this job!

For more limited budgets, we offer the Robinson R-44 helicopter. It can be flown with the doors off which affords a good platform for hand held video.