Powerline Patrol Services

Aerial Patrol has been flying for utility companies since 1983. Whether you need a high-speed overview, or a detailed inspection, Aerial Patrol can handle your needs. We not only provide the helicopter service, but if you require, we also provide observation services. Our pilots and observers have decades of experience, and we can provide you a finished product, including photos of damages.

Although our observers aren’t professional photographers, they have training in photography and can probably get you the shots you require. We use 35 mm SLR cameras, high-resolution digital cameras, hand-held digital video, or the gyroscopically stabilized video.

When we provide the observer, we will furnish the customer with a damage report following each flight. We will produce the report in the format of the customer’s choosing. We realize that each of our customers have different priorities and requirements, so we can tailor our observation to the customer’s individual needs.

Most of our customers don’t need photos of damages unless they are unusual or unusually severe. So, along with the damage report we include a priority for each damage. Typically, we rank them from Priority 1 to Priority 3, with 1 being critical in nature, 2 being urgent, and 3 being routine.

However, we can customize how we prioritize your damages to suit your needs. We can provide customers with a copy of our Observer’s Manual, that lays out exactly what we do and how we do it. If need be, it can be modified to suit the individual customer.


More than just Routine Inspections

  • Detailed Comprehensive Inspections
  • Aerial Photography
  • ROW Survey
  • Line Videography
  • Overview Inspection
  • Pre-Energizing Inspections
  • Pre-Maintenance Inspections
  • Outage Patrols
  • Storm Damage Support
  • Encroachment Patrols
  • Infra-red Inspections
  • Vegetation Patrols
  • ROW QC Follow-up Inspections
  • Special Patrols